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Special Order Policy

  1. Any part that is not a regular stocking number at the time of ordering is considered a "Special Order". 
  2. Special orders are non-returnable.
  3. Special order requests must be confirmed in writing via fax or e-mail. This confirmation process ensures both parties that the correct part is ordered as requested.
  4. Special order part numbers should be researched by the customer or given to them by the manufacturer. REW will look up parts on request, however we will not be responsible for any errors or costs involved in correcting an error.
  5. Special orders are billed at net “Jobber” price unless REW sales staff acknowledges a special discount at the time the order is placed.
  6. Customer will be billed for all freight/shipping, minimum billing, and handling charges that are incurred while obtaining your special order item. REW does not charge any special ordering fees of it's own, but we must pass along any fees from the manufacturers. You may also add your special order to our stocking orders to avoid additional shipping charges! Check with your salesman for estimated shipping times.
  7. REW cannot guarantee shipping times or dates! We will do our best to expedite all orders, but each manufacturer ships on its own schedule, which is out of our control.
  8. If an order is canceled the customer will be responsible for any and all charges incurred in the shipping and return process. If the order is canceled before it ships from the manufacturer there is usually no charge.
  9. Any account that refuses delivery of a special ordered item will be charged all shipping, handling and restocking charges incurred during the shipping and return process. Additionally, that account will be required to prepay in full for all future special orders.

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