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1. Geographic location suggestions

2. Store design & layout

3. Inventory selection based on top moving parts

4. Store fixtures, grid wall

5. Various market segment stocking programs

6. Initial Order Set up & Display of parts 

We don't just dump your parts on the floor & say have a nice day - we set up/display your initial order! We know that if you succeed, we succeed. If you fail, then we fail. We have found that partnering with our customer's endeavors leads to a more productive & fruitful relationship for both parties.

7. Grand Opening planning

8. Manufacturer plan-o-grams, point of purchase displays, banners, posters

9. Consumer Referrals provided by the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA)

10. FREE Training / education: Racer's Seminars & www.pwauniversity.com

11. Retail Marketing Programs: Parts Pro and/or Total Truck Centers

12. Free On-Line Ordering System

13. Drop-Shipment Program & we support shipments for:


Sample Store Display Layouts and Product Assortments


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