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Ask your salesman about our Curt Mfg Preferred Dealer Program!

Parts Pro Performance Centers & Total Truck Centers

Parts Pro & Total Truck are marketing divisions of AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES MARKETING, USA, INC.

By being a member of this marketing and buying group, we are able to "pool" our collective buying power to negotiate better deals from our vendors and then market these products through the two divisions. Further details are available by clicking on the links below:

Parts Pro Performance Centers & Total Truck Centers

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Digital Marketplace

Our mutual goal is to promote the local automotive retailer as "THE" source for performance parts and accessories for daily drivers, hot rods, sport compacts / imports, trucks, diesel trucks, sport utility vehicles, and all forms of automotive racing vehicles.

Please consider working these programs into your overall marketing plans. These programs are flexible and do not require a large "front load" of inventory.

A "turnkey" website program is now available through the Parts Pro & Total Truck Centers program:

For more detailed info, Contact: Fred (fred@racerseq.com) or Scott (scott@racerseq.com)
Contact Parts Pro / Total Truck directly :
Jerry Simpson (jerrys@theaamgroup.com)
Robin Williams (robinw@theaamgroup.com)

Retail sales Flyers

A major component of these programs are 4 color, 8 to 12 page retail sales flyers chock full of parts and accessories. The Parts Pro & Total Truck flyers are published 5 times per year. Click below for the current issue.


Check out the Parts Pro & Total Truck Digital Catalogs!
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Total Truck Vehicle Specific Mini Catalogs - click below to check out the mini-catalogs:

Total Truck Vehicle Specific Mini Catalogs - click below to check out the mini-catalogs:


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