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Davico Catalytic Converters

Direct Fit Catalytic Converters!
Hard to find and Late Model Applications!
Largest Manifold Converter Offering in the Industry!
Universal Cats!
Live Technical Assistance & Support!

We pick up orders @ the factory in New Bedford, MA!
If ordered by 1:00pm, we can pick @ the factory same day! (M-F)

First to Market Prototype Service

In a day and age where every sale is precious, Davico Manufacturing is working
hard to help you to make ALL of them.  Many of you know about our
First to Market Prototype Service.  This service continues to impress
the customers who use it capturing sales what would normally
go back to the car dealer.

For one flat price customers can send the Original Equipment Catalytic
Converter to Davico's New Product Department to be duplicated
and replaced in a matter of days with an Exact-Fit Part at a fraction
of the price of an O.E. Replacement.  Are you tired of hearing your
countermen telling your customers that the Converter isn't
available or is a "dealer only part"?  We can help.


When faced with a potential sale of a part not cataloged please follow the following procedure:

  • Confirm with your REW salesperson that the part is not yet available or already pending.
  • Complete the First to Market Prototype Form paying special attention to the VIN number and vehicle data fields.
  • Sign the form and email it to your REW salesperson or fax it to (401) 384-6023.
  • You will then receive a call to schedule the Prototype start date and promised date.

View and/or download First to Market Prototype form here

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